Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement

If you are experiencing clutch issues, KR Motors, near Bath and Bristol, are here to help. We have over 20 years experience in clutch replacement.

When driving up an incline or poorly chosen gear selection you experience high revs, one of our trained technicians will take your car for a test drive to determine whether you an a clutch replacement.

At KR Motors, near Bath and Bristol, we are always well stocked. We carry a wide range of brands such as LUK, Valeo and Borg & Beck. We will never use reconditioned or used clutches and only fit new ones when carrying out a clutch replacement. This gives you peace of mind and assures you that your new clutch will give you a long life.

Every clutch replacement we fit comes with a full parts and labour warranty. This means you can drive away feeling reassured. Call us today if you think you are experiencing problems with your clutch for a quote or to arrange a free test drive and diagnosis.

To book your car in please call 01761 239231