Two and Four Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment

KR Motors is able to offer state of the art wheel alignment for your vehicle with the Absolute Alignment RAV TD1760WS Bluetooth. It is entirely wireless and uses 6 sensors to carry out an accurate and fast alignment on your vehicle.

Each of the measuring heads are remote control which allows us to run a full wheel alignment from any corner of the car making it one of the fastest wheel alignment processes there is.

Why do wheels misalign?

Wheels can misalign for a several reasons – mainly wear and tear on components such as suspension and road surface conditions. Potholes, speed ramps, curbs – hit any of these too fast or just on a regular basis and it’s possible the wheel alignment will need adjusting.

How do I know if I need wheel alignment?

  • If you have hit something like a kerb, speed ramp or road hazard like a pothole
  • You might notice that your tyres are wearing unevenly
  • You might be experiencing unusual steering or problems with handling
  • When driving the vehicle might pull to one side
  • The steering wheel does not easily return after one turn

What are the benefits of correct wheel alignment?

  • You save money on tyre replacement
  • Tyres last longer
  • It will improve driver safety
  • The vehicle handling will be more responsive
  • The vehicle will drive smoother with less rolling resistance
  • It will improve your vehicles fuel economy

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